Is it True?

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As we go through life we pick up beliefs and habits that we allow to define us - but many of these beliefs and habits don't make us joyful or happy - often on the contrary they can make our life a misery, so how do we rid ourselves of these self-defeating beliefs and habits?  I believe a great question I learned from Dr Wayne W. Dyer can help us - and that question is: Is it True?  If we challenge a belief or habit that we know makes us unhappy by asking the question Is it True? we give ourselves the opportunity to change the way we think, and in changing our thinking we change our actions and our reality changes.  Here are some … [Read more...]

Live in Each Moment

Team NZ

In the past few weeks New Zealanders have been gripped with "Cup Fever". For all my readers from overseas - this is the "America's Cup" - a huge sailing race between our Emirates Team New Zealand and the American Oracle Team.   The first team to win 9 races wins the coveted "America's Cup" and the right to host the next challenge, which is worth billions of dollars to the hosting country.  On Sunday our boat tipped 44.8 degrees. Point two more degrees and it would have toppled over and that probably would have been the end of our cup challenge. But with the inhaled breath of 4 million New Zealanders,  expert crewmanship from our … [Read more...]

The Joy of Generosity

Family Dining Al Fresco

This week I have been blessed to witness numerous acts of generosity and observe the surprise, joy and happiness it has given to not only the receiver but the giver as well!    A meal paid for by a family member. A phone call to a lonely, elderly relative. A helping hand to a stranger who has fallen. Time for a coffee and chat with a sad friend. A caring text. Giving a stranger a carpark... The acts of generosity were numerous and varied.   Every day we have the opportunity to be generous. Every day we come across people or situations that give us the opportunity to act with generosity. Every day we can make a positive … [Read more...]