Give and you will Receive


Today I thought I'd talk about the Universal Law of Giving and Receiving or you may know it as the Law of Sowing and Reaping. Many people today seem to want something for nothing - and unfortunately the Universal Law of Giving and Receiving just doesn't work that way - the bottom line is that if we want something we have to give something first! As you know - everything in the Universe is energy - and the Universe operates through dynamic exchange. Giving and receiving are different aspects of the flow of energy in the Universe - so to keep that universal flow of energy and abundance circulating in our lives we need to be willing to give … [Read more...]

Should you Desire Prosperity?


I am currently enjoying reading books on prosperity by Catherine Ponder (she's written a few) and I thought I'd open up a discussion on the rights and/or wrongs of wanting to be prosperous. Having been raised in a Christian family I personally have grappled with this question from a spiritual standpoint - and in my role as a life coach I have also seen many clients try to resolve the same conflict - is prosperity our divine right or is poverty a spiritual virtue? Personally I believe we should desire prosperity. I believe as humans we were created to be prosperous and that we live in an abundant world with enough of everything good for all … [Read more...]