Be A Peacemaker

The past week's events with Puttin invading the Ukraine and the world once again being on the brink of war, have made me think a lot about our personal role as peacemakers.     Observing myself I realise that I can't be a peacemaker when I'm  living from my egotistical self as my egotistical self always wants to be right, always wants to be in charge and always feels threatened.    I believe we can only be peacemakers when we are living as our divine selves. Our divine self is humble, is tolerant, kind and caring and always feels safe.    This week, as you go about your daily business, ask yourself if you are … [Read more...]

Mind Body & Soul

  When we are healthy in mind, body and soul we have balance and in balance we find true joy. The challenge in our busy lives is to ensure we stay healthy in all three areas of our "beingness".   Our mind is a sponge and absorbs everything we see and hear. How are you feeding your mind?  What do you look at? What do you read? Who do you surround yourself with?  Our body's are a wonderful gift that houses our mind and soul. How do you honour your body? Do you feed it well? Do you exercise it? Do you give your body rest ?  Our soul is the true essence of who we are. How do you feed your soul? Do you take the time to connect … [Read more...]

Actions Make a Difference

This week I've been observing how people's actions really make a difference to the joy in people's lives.  My husband Owen celebrated a birthday this week and I saw the joy that every text, phone call, card and present made to him.  This week I've also had 3 people I know in hospital and another 3 people having operations.  Again, I saw the joy they received from visitors, or having family take care of loved ones in their absence.  Every day we are presented with countless opportunities to make a difference and bring joy into people's lives. It can be as simple as smiling or giving someone a compliment. Or picking up the phone and … [Read more...]